Catamarans and Social Media? Are you kidding me???

Most readers are probably trying to figure out how catamarans and social media come together, sort of like a peanut butter and anchovy sandwich! But let me explain… I’m actually speaking to the lifestyle, and not the combination! If you have a dream of living aboard a catamaran boat and sailing the Caribbean, one way for you to be able to afford this lifestyle would be to create multiple alternate streams of income online, and using social media to advertise your businesses and communicate with loved ones while living the dream! There are many individuals and couples today following their vision and have created a lifestyle for themselves that most people cannot really fathom. It helps if you start think of “impossible” as a possibility that you haven’t yet achieved… Then the sky is the limit!

Now, what specific social media tools exist today that may be able to help with this endeavor? There are really so many that it is hard to know where to start, but just for kicks and giggles let’s start by looking at YouTube… What a fantastic avenue for people to be able to advertise their lifestyle, blog, website, opportunity, or anything else for free! YouTube today is one of the world’s top search engines, and they get millions of video uploads every day. People are excited about sharing with the world their latest trip, vacation, business, or funny video. The average person probably does not know that there are awesome profits created by utilizing this tool, If done in the right way. There are SEO and SEM tips and tricks involved specifically with YouTube, just like a person would use when trying to optimize a website. Google just happens to own YouTube now, so many of these tips apply to both search engines.

There is a YouTube channel out there that has some of the most amazing Caribbean sailing videos ever seen, and they advertise their website right on their boat! It is listed in big, bold letters right on their mast, and wherever they go people will see it and probably go check it out online. The videos are very professionally done, and are basically a video diary of their daily life aboard and their travels. You can take a look at this fantastic YouTube channel here: Ambient Real Life.  (Here is an example of their work:)

By creating fantastic videos and advertising them on YouTube (or other video hosting sites), you can really drive a lot of traffic to anything you want. There are many thousands of online business owners that really don’t do many other kinds of traffic generation. They like the free traffic that posting videos provides, and by posting enough of them pretty much anyone can be assured of having plenty of views. For someone living the catamaran lifestyle, this can be a boon! With today’s advanced technology, you can actually sail around the world on your boat and build your online businesses whenever you like, as long as you have access to satellite internet and phone connections. Isn’t technology awesome?

Another two social media tools that are very important with the live-aboard catamaran lifestyle, are Facebook and Twitter… Not only are they great when used for advertising your online businesses and to help bring new prospects to the table, but they are important for staying in touch with friends and family while off in some far off country or port. Most people I know usually stay connected on Facebook and are constantly checking their messages or to see what friends and family are up to. Facebook has become an addiction with many people, and you can even see them staying updated as they walk around with their smart phones. Well, imagine how interested people are going to be when you post information about your latest travels, exploits, and adventures as you are sailing the 7 seas! You will be able to communicate with and stay in constant contact with just about anyone you care about, and they will also be able to see that you are safe and alive.

In that regard, Twitter, is an incredible tool for promoting bits of news and information that is relevant to your online businesses, whatever they may be. You can send out tweets several times a day to generate interest and to get your brand in front of people. By staying in the forefront of people’s minds, you increase the possibility of gaining new prospects and increase your revenue. The more tweets you send that are relevant, the more of an expert you seem in a person’s eyes, so it is important to keep that up.

That’s about it for catamarans and social media today, enjoy!  Post a comment below and let me know what you think!



  1. Great blog post! I like your use of humor in the post to attract a reader’s attention. I also like how you tied social media to something like a dream or a goal that someone may want to achieve. This post is informational and catchy because it is not just talking about social media in general but about how to use social media for one’s personal benefit. Good idea to remind people how powerful Facebook or Twitter can be by encouraging them to post the great pictures of their trip! Fun to read.


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