Catamarans and Social Media Tools and Techniques…

Living the life with your catamaran and sailing the 7 seas while you earn a living aboard the good ship lollipop does not come all that easy… However, there are many social media tools and techniques that you can use to help in the maintenance of your online businesses. Any tool that you can use to help reduce the time spent on social media or that will help you increase your website or social media rankings will be a really good investment! After all, your day will probably be full enough with all of the scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, boating, pub-hopping, sight-seeing, and general fun seeking you will be doing!

There are plenty of great tools that will help you out, and one of the most popular is by using Hoot-Suite, a social media “aggregator”. It allows the user to be able to add all of their major social media tools into one location, where they can keep an eye on many different attributes that are important to them. It can be configured to look out for re-tweets of any posts or tweets you may have on Twitter, new followers, direct messages, or even comments or questions. So instead of having to log into all of your social media accounts across the internet, a person can just set up Hoot-Suite and log in once to check everything out. It is a fantastic social media tool that many online marketers use to save time, which everyone knows is one of your most valuable investments!

However, even though Hoot-suite is an incredible tool, as with any tool there are always issues that crop up. One such problem that you may notice is that even though you can actually create and send a Tweet successfully using this social media tool, it does not update the number of Tweets sent in Twitter. So, for some people that may not be a problem, but for those who like to keep accurate records of their efforts in Twitter this may be noticeable. Other than that, it appears to be a very solid social media tool that you can use to increase your online efficiency!


(image from Royal Cape Catamarans)

Another social media tool and technique that you can use to help gauge your social media efforts is called Klout… This website is actually a great way to investigate your “ranking”, based on their algorithm to see all of the social media posts and Tweets that are put out on the internet that day, week, or month. The more activity that is seen, the higher a person or websites rankings. The ranking aspect is a great way to promote the tool, as the quickly increased rankings excite people to keep logging in to see just how much it has increased on a daily basis! That said, there is also a fantastic section of Klout that many people like using, and it is the article search area… You can set up specific keywords that your niche uses in order to “scour” the internet and import them for you to view and sort. These articles, are great to send out as Tweets or posts to your social media accounts in order to give your lists valuable content that they can read or re-tweet to others. One aspect on that is really awesome, because you can actually schedule your posts for specific times and dates in the future! That way, you can keep up a steady flow of content while you are busy water-skiing in Aruba, or para-sailing in St. Lucia!


(image from Lagoon Catamarans)

So, if you are interested in creating a fantastic and unique lifestyle such as living aboard a catamaran and sailing the Caribbean or the world as you continue to bring in online profits through your multiple streams of income, it definitely pays to find social media tools and techniques that can help you streamline! These 2 are a great start, but keep on looking and searching and you will find others that you will probably love!

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  1. I agree that any tool that adds convenience and efficiency to your day is a strong one! Hootsuite certainly makes scheduling and tracking social media activity easier to manage.


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