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Catamarans and Social Media Brand Strategies and Risks…

With the Catamarans and Social Media brand or industry, getting into all the different social media realms on the internet is extremely important to do, as it will increase the reach of the posts. The whole goal of living the good life aboard a catamaran is to develop multiple streams of income that will provide a substantial source of funds on a monthly basis from anywhere in the world, and not be tied down to one location because of the requirements of a job.

Social media has the importance of keeping people up-to-date on your whereabouts and what you are doing in various parts of the world. It also has the benefit of exposing your businesses to the world in order to bring in new sales or recruits, and for that, it is hard to beat the value of good social media campaigns! What you are trying to do is to brand yourself or your business in such a way that will make you stand out as a leader or expert in the field, which in turn will increase exposure and conversions.

Moorea (image from

Moorea (image from

However, there is always a risk when promoting on social media that you may not quite have the experience and knowledge needed in order to bring about a positive response when posting information about your brand. For instance, if you are trying to have people see you as an expert in the industry, but you keep getting negative responses or comments from people who have dealt with you in the past, you will have trouble trying to break away from that. Perceptions about you are very important, and even though they might not be very accurate, it doesn’t matter… If people believe the negative about you then it will reflect badly.

Getting around the negativity is very important in controlling any social media campaigns that you are running, and it is always best to try and reply to comments as quickly as possible in order to draw off more negative comments. It will also help to answer any complaints quickly so that the customer might change their ideas about you or your company. Prompt customer service is probably one of the most important aspects of using social media to develop your brand and for increased growth.

For some companies, taking a brand social may be a real challenge if they haven’t been very good at providing excellent customer service and/or treating their customers well. It is all about what people are thinking about the company right now, and if it is extremely negative then by utilizing a social media strategy it may be a big detriment instead of a positive situation. Increasing the company’s image among customers might be more important to take care of first before deciding to implement the social strategy.

Once the brand and image perception has been raised or increased, then it is a very good idea to develop several social media marketing campaigns at the same time in order to make sure you are not leaving any potential money on the table. The catamarans and social media niche or industry is one based on working from home or creating multiple streams of income by various online marketing strategies, and having a great brand name is extremely important, whether it is about you or your company.

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